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Best Eyeshadows for blue eyes

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Shadow Xpression for Blue eyes

It's likely that, if you're like most women, you want to appear your best when wearing cosmetics. And utilizing cosmetics to emphasize & cater to your distinctive features is a simple approach to accomplish this. That means, for instance, using a few eyeshadow styles designed to complement your naturally blue eyes when it comes to eye makeup.
In other words, those that highlight your unique eye colour the best. It can be difficult to come up with eye makeup ideas that use these colours, though.

So, blue-eyed beauties, we hear you clearly!? To help you highlight your stunning blue eyes, we've put together this collection of 31 makeup ideas that have been tried and true.
And if by chance, you've been trapped in a big beauty routine rut, here's your chance to move out of your makeup comfort zone and try something new! You may find a ton of ideas right here!
Which Eyeshadow Shades Work Best With Blue Eyes?
Let's speak about colour choice before we get to our 31 outfits, shall we?

There are so many gorgeous eyeshadow hues available right now, but our objective is to pick some that will both highlight and draw attention to your innate beauty.
And the fact that they use several of your favourite eyeshadow colours is what makes these  eye makeup ideas work so amazingly well. Namely, those that blend in beautifully with your iris and those that offer a striking contrast.
Honestly, I think a woman should wear any eyeshadow she chooses. Here are some of the "best procedures" for obtaining the best results that we makeup artists like to refer to.

* A) Orange is located exactly across from blue on the colour wheel. In order to make your eyes pop, warm eyeshadows with orange undertones and colours from that colour family work well. Moreover, eyeshadow with those undertones can be used since yellow and red combine to become orange.
B) Choose hues that go well with the fine flecks in your eye. You might notice shades of grey or green, for instance, in your blue eyes.

Now, based on these techniques, what are a few excellent recommendations for all you blue-eyed ladies?

* Orange
* Terracotta
* Coral
* Peach
* Apricot
* Browns
* Gold
* Copper
* Bronze
* Champagne (Yellow undertones)
* Yellow & Amber
* Grays (Particularly if your blue eyes have hints of gray in the iris)
* Silver
* Purples (Universally flattering color & has red undertones)
* Reddish tones
* Blue-Greens (Particularly if your blue eyes have hints of green in the iris)
* Greens (Particularly if your blue eyes have hints of green in the iris)
Easy Eyeshadow Looks For Blue Eyes

Let's face it, what one woman finds "simple" may be difficult for another.

Easy is a highly individualized word. Nonetheless, for this part, we made an effort to concentrate on looks that don't necessitate applying a lot of different eyeshadows.

Bronzy Hues & Baby Blue eyes

Tip 1:

If you have blue eyes, there are a ton of imaginative and distinctive ways to experiment with eye makeup, but this particular choice from our selection of eyeshadow ideas is really eye-catching!

To achieve that stunning contrast with your blue eyes, you'll need a warm brown and a light bronze eyeshadow.
Use a baby blue eyeliner to give your waterline a pop of colour.
In the furthest part of your lower lashline, use a dark pencil liner, and finish with your most provocative mascara!


Tip 2: Go thick with liners and brown and pink hues.

No matter what colour your eyes are, you can never go wrong with a timeless makeup look like this! Having red lips with a kitten flick is a timeless look!

You'll need a warm neutral shimmering colour for the lid and crease, a dewy highlighter for the area beneath your brow, black ink eyeliner, and of course, your go-to red lipstick to achieve this look.


Tip 3: Coral hues  all the way

You may easily wear this fun coral makeup look in the spring or summer! Also, coral's orange undertone will undoubtedly draw attention to your eyes.

To create the appearance of fuller lashes, apply your best mascara to both the upper and lower lashes after applying a coral eyeshadow, a pop of light pearly shimmer at the inner corners of the eyes and under the brow, and a hint of eyeliner right at the upper lash line.

*Optional* You might dab a little eyeliner under your lashes in the lowest outer corner of your eye.


Finding fashionable eye makeup looks that you adore and coming up with fresh makeup techniques can be challenging. Not to mention selecting those that complement your particular eyes the best. But we do hope that these 31 eyeshadow designs have given you new motivation and suggestions on how to gorgeously accentuate blue eyes, ladies! Try one of them right now; we guarantee it will make those lovely blue pools stand out even more than normal.


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