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5 Reasons to switch up your liquid foundations

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Why changing your foundation will freshen up your skin tone and give you flawless coverage this season.

  1. There is a logic of self-improvement in getting rid of bad habits and cosmetic items to make place for better ones. "It's similar to buying a new pair of shoes or switching from your go-to foundation to one that better fits your needs and skin tone right now. Spending extra money "makes you enjoy yourself every day," as the saying goes.

Do you still need more evidence that changing your foundation may be the quickest and easiest approach to improve the look of your skin?


  1. Typically, foundation has a six to twelve month shelf life, which is reduced if the bottle has been kept outside in the sun or is exposed to too much sunlight. (It's best to keep this in your bathroom's chilly, dark corner.) The lifespan of your foundation can be increased by consistently using the same bottle. "Everything resettles and merges anew when you shake it. resulting in a faultless application every time. Watch out for any discolouration in your foundation, though. "Get rid of it if the colour seems changed and there are lighter patches on it.


     3. Make the switch to liquid makeup.

 Simply put, "For people with problem skin, a liquid foundation is best. (Or for double-duty coverage, We recommend our Flawless Skin Foundation and Dual powder compact, which can be applied as a sheer powder or with a damp sponge for flawless finish.) For long-lasting coverage, mix in primer with your winter moisturizer, and pat in to a clean face—that way you can get away with a thin layer of foundation. Blend foundation outward from the center of the face, which should include the forehead, chin, cheeks, and nose. Once more, the color should totally blend into the skin.Next, apply concealer where necessary,


  1. A foundation that is darker than your actual skin tone is best for a quick morning beauty routine.  utilizing a deeper shade since it offers quicker, better coverage. Depending on your ethnicity, test foundation on your shoulder where skin is frequently darker or lighter.

Choose a colour that belongs to the same family as your liquid foundation if you intend to use pressed powder afterwards.  "Only cover the parts that need it," referring to the chin, nose, and the center of the face. It keeps its lovely and an organic appearance.


 5. If it actually makes you feel fantastic.

Change up your foundation if nothing else because it will make you feel better. This time of year, everyone could use a little more coverage, whether you're looking for a foundation to precisely match your skin tone or to give your complexion a velvety touch. It offers you a new attitude; it's more than just cosmetic.







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